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Lumencraft Photoshop Competition

Below you can find a selection of our favorite pictures submitted for the Photoshop contest. Please look through the submissions write down the photo numbers (title) above the large display of those pictures you would like to vote for or just mark the checkboxes ON THE LEFT SIDE of the images you like . Then vote for one, or for any number of photos you would like to cast your vote for. Obviously the less votes you cast the more your vote helps those you voted for. Please note that you are only alowed to cast ONE SET of votes.


The voting menu is on the right below the website menu. Enjoy the photos and thanks for voting. Hint... you can either click onto the thumbnails to view a photo, or you can just click into the middle of the large image to forward to the next photo.


Sorry that it has taken a while to get this vote going. The winner will receive a free GatLight Titanium.